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  • Greenhouse Supply Chain Management Expert

Supplier Selection & Management

Identifying and managing relationships with high-quality suppliers to ensure consistent product quality and reliable delivery.

Product Database & Management

A comprehensive list of products that are available for purchase, along with detailed product information to help customers make informed decisions.

Negotiation & Procurement

The process of obtaining goods or services from suppliers at the best possible price and terms through effective negotiation strategies and procurement processes.

Logistics Services

The management of the physical flow of goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption, including transportation, warehousing, and inventory management.

After-Sales Services

Support provided to customers after a purchase, including installation, repair, maintenance, and customer service.

Bid Management

Managing the process of preparing, submitting, and managing bids or proposals for goods or services in response to a request for proposal (RFP) or invitation to bid (ITB).

Agro System

Agro System is a leading agriculture equipment supplier, specializing in controlled environment greenhouse technology. Our journey started with artificial grow light solutions, and we have since expanded our product portfolio to include a wide range of high-quality equipment that enables our customers to optimize their production efficiency and reduce their costs. Based in Canada, we serve professional agricultural producers, providing them with complete solutions for their growing needs. We strive to deliver the best service and solutions possible with a clear understanding of industry trends and a relentless commitment to quality management.

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Why Choose Agro System


Designing and procuring products for FCEA requires expertise and extensive information. Most customers need professional service and support.

Cost Saving

Optimizing design, product composition, and processes can effectively reduce procurement costs for the owner.


A transparent and organized approach to information management helps companies improve procurement efficiency.

Risk Management

Transparent procurement information can mitigate management risks by avoiding ethical issues and ensuring comprehensive record-keeping and transfer of data.